Saturday, January 9, 2016

Azone doll: Amane's red dress

I really love all the azone's clothes but they tend to be very expensive, especially for bigger dolls. The advantage is that for bigger dolls, I'm not afraid to sew. So I decided to take for model the Dress from Helen's closet and to make one for my girl.

The original outfit is on the right side. 
 And now, here is the work in progress starting with the shirt.
 The top part of the dress.
 Adding the top to the bottom
 Adding lace to the bottom. This one was too short so I had to buy a longer piece of lace.
 Then I added lace on the shirt, button. Made a bow for the collar.
 Nice cute Amane! <3 br="">
I also added a bow to the dress. It's a belt that can be removed.
View from the back. I like my version because Amane can keep her wolf tail.
 More pictures
 Full view
 And sitting position!

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