Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Turist

Today, for Tuesday cinema, we have a Swedish movie: Turist also known as Force Majeur.

The story: A Swedish family is having a holiday in the Alps. One day, while they are sitting at the restaurant, there is a controlled avalanche that soon takes on larger proportion. The mother stay looking for her kids and making sure they are ok. The father panics and run for his life. When the calm comes back, his wife blames him for his action. 

My feelings: This was a crazy sort of psychological movie. There were all the steps of panic and trauma and denials.. It was really easy to agree with the wife. Like what the hell, you ran and then pretend you didn't and that it's all alright. I wanted to kick the dad. Then at the end I wanted to kick the mother. I hope she never gets to Peru because the bus driving is a lot worse than in France. I'm not a big fan of hysterical people. I mean I understand that you can be scared but I am a silent type of fear person so I don't get the purpose of the screaming, it's not like it's going to help anyone.
I think that the movie was really well done. It totally explains the dynamic and causes of familial breakdown. The thing is I watched this movie because I was looking for Swedish comedies but this one was not really funny.


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