Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The little prince

I went to see this movie at the cinema the day it came out in Japan (November 21st)

The story: A little girl living in a very ground-up world meet by accident the aviator. At first she decides to go with her mother's life plan for her but soon she is drawn in by the fantastic story the aviator is telling with drawing, the story of the little prince, same as the book, the little prince get away from his planet and on the way down to earth meet with a bunch of crazy adults and a fox and finally the aviator himself. The aviator hasn't been able to find anyone to tell his story because everyone turned up too adult and business and productivity oriented. Then when things turn bad, the little girl decide to go look for the little prince.

My feeling: I think it was a nice movie, pretty funny. It might have been better with more of the little prince in it. It taught a lot of the wisdom from the book but also missed a lot. I like how the fox comes to life in it and I also liked the use of two different sort of animation to differentiate real life and the life inside the book.

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