Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday Taster 76: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
We climbed anyway but I could already imagine the argument she was going to serve me later, about how I was supposed to climb and go down stairs without a handle every single day. I was already glad she didn't ask for me to be on the ground floor at the dormitory, but that was certainly because she didn't think I would stay there more than a day. At the top of the stairs were tables for insurance companies. People selling books and a large advertisement board on the left. It was difficult to progress in the crowd. I managed to figure out where the main lecture hall was and my parents followed me to it. It was a large room the sort they call an amphitheatre, The board was at the very bottom of the room and the sits were organized in stairs in semi circle so that everyone could see everything happening with the teacher not matter how tall the person in front of them was. We had twenty minutes left before the introduction started. I was the only one sitting between her parents and others were already throwing me looks. It was terrible, I really wanted to hide. The fatidical time had also passed and I was still here fully conscious. After 10 minutes between my parents saying nothing to me or to each other I couldn't take it anymore.
"I'm going to the toilet," I said.
"The lecture is going to start," my mother said.
"I really need to go, I'll be back on time."
"I'm going with you," my mother said.
Her trust in me was so great it was unbelievable.
"She'll be fine," my father said and I ran away disappearing in the crowd before having to listen to there argument.
The toilets weren't far, just at the top of the amphitheatre and it was also invaded by the crowd. There is not a single time where you will find anywhere female toilets to be empty. I wondered how long it would take any of them to yell in panic if I was to faint right here. Not a very good idea.
I waited anyway. Anything was better than to be with my parents right now, still wondering when I was going to black out. I never thought about recording my black out time but I could still know the time approximatively from my brain scan. I opened my diary to have a look, from the very beginning of this notebook. I couldn't see anything that could make me suspect a pattern. I wondered what my father wanted to say by saying we have at least four hours. It was almost 1.30 and I was still here. I went to pee quickly and gain back my sit, except that I stayed next to my father instead of being in the middle of my parents. The team taking care of the introduction was already at the bottom. My mother throw me the look but I didn't care.
"It took you a long time," she said suspicious.

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  1. So she blacked out when she went to pee? That poor girl. What a life she has and she just wants to live with what she has been dealt. One cannot blame her parents. Oh, My...xo

  2. The blackout is interesting- good detail.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ugh. Both parents at your lecture? Mortifying.