Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 48

Welcome to Demon World unedited. This week let's go back to Yue and the three demons from the north.
The floor was covered in blood. It had become dark red, so that you couldn’t see the stone on it anymore and it had become even more slippery. The smell was so strong that Yue had put his collar up to cover his nose and mouth. He was flying above the ground. He would have roasted them all if he could but it was not that simple anymore. They had finally awoken. He wasn’t fighting normal demons anymore. There were bodies all over the floor, some rare still entire and body pieces that couldn’t be counted. He wondered how long had passed since the start of the battle. They had walked out of the room, the three of them without saying one more word about what was supposed to happen, followed by their guards in black dresses with their inverted Christian crosses bleed more heavily than ever on their chest. And they had locked the door and kept them waiting. And of course what was supposed to happen happened. Yue didn’t remember how it all started, he just remembered getting bored and feeling he pointlessness of it all. He wanted to go out but he knew that he had better stay put against the wall with a large space on his left and a large space on his right, that was enough to be sure that nothing would happen behind him, that he could ditch whatever came from in front of him and that he could see what was coming from the side. Running to the door was the worst thing to do, especially if you were doing it alone and that’s what the first dead guy did. He ran to the door in panic. It might have been claustrophobia, it might have been the knowledge of what demons would do when locked together. He was yelling at the door, asking for it to open, punching it hopelessly with his fist. It was a strange sight, a large demon with so much power and so much potential power forgetting all about it and yelling at the door like a scared kid. He could have tried to melt the lock he could have tried to shake the door but no, he was just punching it hurting his fist just like a human would have done. Yue wondered if Demons and humans were not just one after all, only that demons had evolved and grow wings since the beginning of time and decided to live on their instinct instead of living by the rules.
“Shut up!” was the last thing the demon heard before being struck at the back of the neck by a heavy inflamed piece of rock. Nobody really knew where it was coming from, somewhere in the pack of demons but the result had started the massacre. The demon felt loudly in front of the door without even a cry. He was already dead before hitting the ground, his neck broken by the blow.

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