Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 47

Welcome to Demon World unedited. I hope hiding the cave really works because otherwise there will be a lot of trouble around.
The cave would be nowhere to be seen. It was very frequent for one of the demons coming back at night drunk to get lost and unable to see the invisible door. They were all demons after all, they couldn’t escaped their bad intention so easily. Evalynn had often be scared of never being able to find it back, she had very dark thoughts most of the time. She liked the sanctuary in a way and she knew it was the safest place for her but she was also carving for her freedom, to be able to go out and to see the sun from time to time instead of leaving like a bat. Sometimes she had even tried, in secret to sleep hanging out upside down from the ceiling but it had only resolved into a headache. She really was feeling like a bat at time though. They walked out once the barrier was passed the air seemed different. She wondered if she was the only one able to feel it. She took a deep breath, it was smelling like burned plastic and carbon dioxide. The smell of the demon world, she was missing the smell of the fairy world, at least for the part where the air hadn’t been terrorizing them with vision of their worse fear of making them go in circle again and again. She looked at her watch, it was almost one in the afternoon. The sky was dark as if it was going to rain really soon but she wouldn’t have bet on it, the sky in the demon world has always been filled with dark cloud as soon as she could remember, she had been really surprise to see that it was blue and pure looking in the other worlds she had visited.
“Can we get hamburgers first? I’m kind of hungry” Sahel said.
He had been so unlike himself wrapped in seriousness for the past couple of days that Evalynn had almost forgotten that he was more of a stomach than of a demon and nothing was to be done about that.
“I kind of agree with that too”, Azazel said. She could hear his stomach crawling from five meters in front of her. That must have been a guy thing.
They started flying in zigzag shouting and pushing each other. In any other world it would have been a way of attracting attention but in the demon world, the louder you were, the less people were giving you attention, after all, if showed that you were open and had nothing to hide. And that’s what they wanted, to be able to do their own business under cover. After all, in wasn’t written on their faces that they were Nephilim, it would really show only if they had to fight.
They entered Jamie’s and sat at a table, it was the worse restaurant in town but cheap enough that even people without a job could always get a bite. You were supposed to go order at the counter but nobody was taking it seriously so it was a competition between who was going to get tired first. The client tired of waiting for someone to take the command or the waiter tired of waiting for someone to walk over. But at four against one he didn’t have a chance. Everybody called him Jamie even if the real Jamie was in the kitchen never to be seen. Evalynn couldn’t even remember ever seeing his face.
Demons were talking at the nearby table and the boys seemed interested in the conversation because none of them was saying anything. It was rude to listen to others conversations even in the Demon World but they were so loud that they could have been heard from the other side of the restaurant. There were two of them, and they were both so fat that Evalynn wondered how it was possible for them to sit in the tiny space between the sofa and the fixed table. Jamie had fixed everything to the ground because he was tired of having the tables and chair flying through the windows, it was still happening from time to time.
“That filthy bitch!! I can’t believe that she managed to get that spell casted without detection”, one of them was saying for the third time at least.
“Maybe she didn’t”, the other answered.
“Well she is dead and the stones are gone, I don’t know how we would manage to get them back”, the first one answered. “I can’t believe that she wasn’t detected when casted the spell.”
“We need those stones, you know what will happen to us if we don’t”, the second demon said, he was the one facing on the opposite direction and Evalynn could only see his triple chin reflecting on the mirror.
“Guys I’m not really hungry”, she said.
“Yeah I know”, Sahel answered, he seemed very worried as if something bad was going to happened or had already happened.
Evalynn wondered if it was only about the stones and why they were so important, after all, the one Seti had used to recover was already dead and broken. If they were to fight against demons casting that kind of spell during their attack, they better have a lot of them or better, a complete armor made of them and a reflecting one. She hated to fight, she hated being a demon, and she hated Jamie’s food. The waiter finally came over, he didn’t have time to ask anything that Sahel already too care of the command.
“Four hamburgers, fries, and four bottles of water”, he said.
The others looked at him as the waiter walked away.
“What? We are in a rush!” he said.
“But not that much that I can’t even choose my food”, Azazel said.
“Yeah that much, I gotta go home, I gotta go home as soon as possible”, Sahel answered.
There were no mistakes in his tons, there was something wrong happening here, between the conversation the demons were having and the all atmosphere in town.
“There is something you’re not telling us”, Seti said suddenly.
“Brownie was doing stone Magick last night.

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