Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 46

Welcome to Demon World unedited. So what's the plan! And why does he always have a plan?
They didn’t know what the plan was. They just knew that he had a plan. They walked back to the infirmary following the older demon. It was an easy plan. The older demon couldn’t believe in his luck, managing to make sure that four of the most uncontrollable demons weren’t going to go out was unbelievable. He was turning around from time to time trying to see if they were really following but they were. The door of the infirmary was a heavy metallic door. Sahel let the demon walk in first then quickly pushed the door close behind him. The older demon started to yell but soon his voice was covered by the closed door. Seti and Azazel were pushing on it as much as they could. He was thin and famish-looking but he had a phenomenal surprising strength.
“Get back”, Sahel suddenly yell. His hands were on fire, seti and Azazel jumped on the side suddenly, the door was becoming red as Sahel was melting the lock.
“It’s gonna take him a while to get out of here, that will buy us some time”, he said turning back. “Now let’s get the hell out of here.”
They walked toward the exit again, wondering who was now in charge of catching them but it seemed that there was nobody. People were too busy with their own daily routine. They walk through the last labyrinth-like corridor and reached the exit without any other interruption. It was only noon. It was dangerous for the Nephilim to travel during day time in the city center, there were a lot of Watcher there, getting drunk or even worse, sober one. The world was ruled by the watchers, and more precisely by an underground organization naming themselves the hunters.
“So what next?” Evalynn said.
“We find the hunters and we destroy them, once and for all”, Seti said his hands on his waist.
Azazel looked at him as if he was the stupidest thing he had ever heard or seen, Azazel wasn’t really good a measuring his over rated intelligence or others lack of it but this time he was almost right.
“We need more black stone first of all, I don’t want us to finish at the infirmary, and going to the shop will help us to investigate”, Sahel answered.
“Agree with that”, Azazel said.
Evalynn was looking at them, she had no idea why she had joined, they didn’t really need her, she just couldn’t bear the thought of letting Azazel out of her sight. He was the weaker of the three, even if she was never saying it by fear of hurting his masculine proud, she always thought that it wasn’t really a good idea for him to associate with them. They were always getting in complex and dangerous situation coming back barely alive and she knew that the first one to die would have to be Azazel. It’s not that he was really weak, he was pretty all right for a demon with his age and experience of life, it was more that the two others had powers which were going beyond imagination and the moment Azazel had tried to hold just power in his hands had turned out into a complete disaster. She loves Azazel, she loved him enough to put herself on the line with them once again and she knew that Azazel could see the difference between him and them but he was sure not yet ready to accept it. She didn’t said anything, she just walked along as they passed the barrier. The teacher had created a protective barrier around the sanctuary, it wouldn’t forbid anyone with bad intention to approach like the barrier on Sahel’s house did but it would make the sanctuary’s cave invisible to them, for them the complex of deserted building surrounding the entrance would just be a complex of deserted building with no interest.

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