Friday, November 13, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 43

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Summary of the previous episodes: Viorel has been tortured by his supposed family who wanted to have him burn in the sun. Strangely enough the sun didn't burn him as expected but Viorel has no memory of who he is. Following the advices of his supposed father, he left Sighișoara and is now traveling to the West. After some skirmish in a previous city, he found refuge on a boat. Viorel is now in Vienna. The little problem is that the guy at the inn was a bit of an asshole and helped capture Viorel thinking he was a vampire, which he is but nobody needs to know. Now there is a huge man (which I call the colossi) taking care of Viorel and a priest. They brought a girl. Torture my holy water... Fail. Viorel managed to confuse everyone, now he would like to get out of here. But the girl seems pretty useless. They still managed to escape and he left the girl to the care of the boat lady before going back to have two words with his captors but his power of persuasion were failing him. The priest wanted to crack a deal but Viorel is not really up to help his enemies. He finally got some blood but he can't risk to stay in Vienna. He travel to Linz were he stays a bit to learn German. Viorel wanted to go to Praha but redirect himself toward Augsburg instead where he wants to get a horse, except that the horses are a bit scared of his vampirism and maybe something else. Viorel is really not a horse expert. Then he comes into an altercation with couple of people, he wants some fear in his blood.

Now, let's continue with Vampire Heart, right where we left of last week.

I got up and turned to the girls. “Now you have two options, either you help me with this one and get the revenge for what men make you do every day. Or you let me few minutes advance to carry him away and go back to the pub.”
They looked at each other without answering to me. I could see that they were consulting each other. The older one started to go through the pockets of the man and the younger one handed me an old handkerchief.
The man was started to yell again as I applied it on his mouth. After taking his money, the older girl helped me sitting him on a chair.
“What do you want from him?” the old girl said.
“His blood”, I simply said.
“We have enough money to run out of here, we leave the rest up to you”, she answered. The younger girl had already started to pack their stuff. They seemed to have been preparing to leave for a long time already as I could see her take some savings out of a box.
“Don’t you have any grief to take away first?” I asked. I was hoping for them to scare him for me.
They looked at each other and the older one looked at me again.
“This is one of the regular clients and one of the most violent and dirty one. If I could I would cut him myself into pieces”, she said.
The man was turning his head in both directions to look at us. I took my blade out of my belt and handed it to her.
“Help yourself”, I said smiling. When she put a trembling hand I didn’t expect what followed. She walked in front of the guy taking her shirt of, I could see that she had been beaten harshly but she was still beautiful. She sit on the table in front of him hiding the sword. She started to excite him and to open his shirt and trouser gently, playing with him, the younger girl couldn’t bear to watch and continued packing faster but I couldn’t take my eyes of the scene. It took me few minutes to realize that she wanted him to trust her first to make the rest even more painful. Women have that ability to make men do whatever they want if you give them the opportunity. I noted to myself to stay careful in the presence of women, especially women like her who knew about men’s body. She took the handkerchief away from his mouth.
I could see in her eyes that she wanted to hear him beg her for mercy and she wanted to hear him cry but the man didn’t notice.

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