Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday cinema: A ton image

A ton image is a French movie from 2004 that I meant to watch for a long time and only now got a chance too.

The story: Mathilde never really recovered from the death of her 5 year old son. When she meets Thomas they decided that they want a baby but an early menopause prevent Mathilde from conceiving a child. Thomas then, without Mathilde's knowledge takes a chance with therapeutic cloning. Then Manon is born but she is not like any other child.

My feelings: This was a nice movie. Not a great movie. First, the dialogue was a bit stiff. Second, there were too many unexplained scientific bizzare for my taste: First, how can she bear a clone and not another baby? It's still the same act from an embryo to term of the pregnancy. Second, why does Manon have her mother's memories? As far as know, memories are not part of your DNA, it's constructed from your surrounding. Even if you want to say that her cells all come from her mothers and then carry a part of her mother memories, that should be minimal and disappear with cell renewal. Then why does she mature faster than a normal child? This could be explain if her initial genetic code came with a date, so that she started from the age of her mother, but once again your age isn't programmed in your genetic code. All that was really disturbing while watching the movie. Then Manon's behaviour was a bit erratic as if her action where always based on emotional reaction to her mother struggles with a lack of understanding of them. I seemed that all clone turned out murderous, I wonder however if that would be the case if they were raised always from the original. 

Then again, I should have read the book first.


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  1. I hadn't heard of In Your Image, but it does sound interesting in the typical "science is bad, don't mess with nature" sort of way. The subject matter is dear to my heart, though. My most recently completed WIP features a clone born fully grown, who struggles to become fully human. Josette has some of her clone sisters memories, which I never bothered to explain.