Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Blueprint

Blueprint is a German movie from 2003.

The story: Iris Sellin is a brilliant piano player. When she learns that she has multiple sclerosis, she decides to have a child, a clone of herself in order to preserve her art and herself beyond death. Siri is a virtual double on her mother in every way including, as planned, her music hability.When Siri discovers that she is her mother's clone, made to replace her and the first clone of humanity, she decides to rebel. 

My feelings: I think that this movie was really good. There was none of the craziness of last week's movie. Siri was just another human being with her mother's genetic at 100%. There was no scientific mysteries either. The movie just showed the feeling of a person when she turns out to be something she didn't want to be and the struggle to go against that. In a way Siri didn't even need to be a clone, she could be just anothr one of those many kids parents try to control on every aspect of their life. the difference though was that Siri couldn't escape what she looked like and her piano's skills even if that reminded her of her controlling mother. I think it is important to consider the feelings of the clones before making them because they will still be 100% human and who they are is not 100% DNA but also part experience in life.


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