Monday, November 30, 2015

Pullip doll: Aira

Aira is the second pullip with a style Cabaret, Glamour, Magician assistant. She is a doll limited with 500 pieces world wide. So I'm pretty lucky to have her.
I heard a lot of complain about her, people saying that she isn't worth it. First, because she is a recoloration of Myra (blond and pink). And Second because who would want to put that price into a doll in her underwears.
So yes, she looks like Myra but who cares, Myra is limited to 300 pieces so Aira was the big chance to get your cabaret girl is you missed her, plus, red and black rocks.
Then she doesn't come in with underwear only, She has two set of underwears, One set being the bodice. She has a sort of thin red coat, lace socks, shoes, a fluffy scarf, a fluffy thing that goes on her shoulder, a hat, a stick (which I forgot for the pictures) and a chair. On the top of that, her hair is really, really soft.
Personally, I think she is a treasure!

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