Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Taster 66: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
"No it's not, you left her for a reason and you left me with her too," I said. "You can't blame me for wanting to do the same."
"The situation was different," he said.
"Because?" I said.
Technically, I might not have known my mother for as long as he did but I lived with her alone a lot longer.
"Because I had to go to the hospital to be tested," my father said. "And I didn't want her to know and use it against you."
"Tested for what?" I asked. I had never seen my father black out, I had never seen him sick either.
"Because sometimes, I feel like I'm not in possession of my body, sometimes, I feel like I do things I shouldn't."
He was looking straight at the road, his hands high on the wheel.
"What happens at these moment?" I asked seeing that he wasn't going to continue unless prompted.
"I started to be able to do things more easily. I can understand complex math and physical concepts, things that I never learned. I never had a math class after graduating high school and I can understand quantum mechanics, the exact thing that you want to study."
"But that's cool," I said.
"No, that's not, that's definitely not, every time I open those books it's like I'm a spectator of my own mind and body and I write down things that I can't understand when I wake up from that state," my father said.
"When did it start," I asked.
"I'm not sure, just a bit before you were born, maybe a year, or six month, I'm not sure," my father said.
"And what did the test say?"
"They said it was just stress," he answered.
"What I don't understand is what you waited so long to go to the hospital and why you had to leave?" I said.
"Because your mother, she loved the way I talked about math she thought I was so smart, and I wanted to be with her so I played along but at some point, I wasn't myself and when I saw her take you to the hospital as soon as you fainted, I couldn't watch I didn't want her to do the same to me." he said.
"So you left because..."
The car went unexpectedly to the right then my father managed to get it back together.
"What was that?" I asked looking fixedly at him.
"Sorry," he said blinking.
"So you left us because she was sending me to the hospital and you didn't want to be sent there as well?"
"Apparently," my father said.
"Thank you so much," I answered looking through the window again.
"But I'm here now and somehow I have always been here and she won't hurt you anymore, I promised that," my dad said.
"It's hurting me, her knowing where I am because you told her, it's hurting me," I said.

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  1. This is a very intriguing taster Linda. It has got me asking so many questions. I hope there will be some more soon.

  2. I know the father is only protecting, but somehow feel she wishes he'd give her some space

  3. Now that's a big clue! Can she get to chat with her dad when he's "out"? That would be awesome.

  4. The picture has become clearer as to her blackouts and the close bond she has with her father. And now what has Frederick's prole in their relationship? I am anxious to find out more. Very revealing and well written excerpt.

  5. Well....her Father, too?!!! Now that is a very interesting development. This is even more interesting!