Friday, October 9, 2015

Steampunk doll video series part 3 (Aurora)

Today, I took Aurora with me for the photo session. There were two steampunk series by groove and Aurora is part of the second one. I only had two dolls from the first series Eos and Ra Muw. So Aurora is not a limited doll because the second series wasn't limited but she is still a bit pricey. 
I think they really made an awesome effort with this doll, she has magnificent eyes and a very detailed outfit with a lot of stuff on it. I'm so sorry because I forgot to bring her wings for the photo session, they are the same as Eos's wings in shape but in black instead of gold. I totally love this doll.  
There was a lot of wind and it was difficult to get her to stand of sit still. Apparently it's the last bit of the typhoon that didn't pass on us but still close enough for the wind. So normally the wind will calm down soon. Hopefully I'll be able to take more daring pictures with the next doll tomorrow. 
Here is the video, I think I did a better job at it today, just I always have problem to find my words.

And here is the Steampunk photo album.  As I'm adding to the same album, you have the pictures of the other dolls first and Aurora will follow.

See part 1: Steampunk doll video series part 1 (Eos)
See part 2: Steampunk doll video series part 2 (Ra Muw)

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