Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Steampunk doll video series part 1 (Eos)

It has been a while since I made a video, so I finally decided to get back to it. This is going to be a small project in six parts, one video for each of my six Steampunk dolls.
All the dolls are from the Steampunk Project made by Jun Planning and Groove. There were two Steampunk Projects each with 5 dolls. I'm only interested in 8 of this dolls and so far I still have two of them missing from the first project as they are difficult to find for a reasonable price. I will get them sometimes in the future (finger crossed), I'm also hoping for the dolls from the Alice in Steampunk World series, and the next lil'fairy from Azone which are also going to be Steampunk. That would be 7 more dolls so far. 
But for the moment, we will have this short video series with the 6 dolls I have, starting with the Pullip Eos.
Pullip Eos was one of my grail dolls and it took me a very long time to find her at a reasonable price. She is one of the first pullip I wanted (if not the first). She is limited at 2000 pieces worldwide. She has beautiful white hair and a pair of wings. I really like her outfit which is really creative for something so simple.  
And here is the Steampunk photo album.

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