Saturday, October 24, 2015

Japan: Hike in Mitake

I went to hike at Mitake. The hiking spot is a bit far from the station. 
First we walk to the cable car station from Mitake station, then we walked all the way up to the shrine instead of taking the cable car. It was longer than we expected. My boyfriend almost walked on a snake, that was a bit crazy because I was startled then told him not to move which startled him and he thought that was a bear but it was a snake. Any way he was still walking toward it and the snake ran away and I didn't have time to take a picture. Once we arrived at the shrine, the main building was under renovation so we couldn't see the famous painting on it.
Then I wanted to go to the rock garden but it was two hours more and my boyfriend had a sprained ankle, so I'll have to go back there another time. Probably for momiji, the mountains should be beautiful with the red leafs. 
We took the cable car to go back down. It was a quick and fun ride, nothing too special though.

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