Saturday, October 31, 2015

Azone doll: Cute hats day

I went into a crocheting frenzy and made some hats for my Kikis and lil'fairies. I started with the kikis because the pullip's hats were too big for them. I started with the giraffe hat because I wanted to make one for a long time as I absolutely love giraffes. Then I decided for something purple but there isn't really purple animals so I made a purple penguin. The easy thing would have been an owl but it seems everyone is having owl hats for their dolls.
Then I still had some time to spare so I continued with the lil'fairies. It was a bit more difficult because I had to dig for thinner wool. One solution is to divide the thicker wool in three which I did for the blue and pink hats but that takes time and it's a bit messy and the threads get stuck. 
I totally enjoy making the dolphin for Erunoe, it was more elaborate then the one for Vel and Lipu. Then I made pink unicorn for my other Vel, but my boyfriend decided it was a rabbit because unicorn are supposed to be white, which is kind of funny because I never saw a pink rabbit with a horn before.

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