Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 38

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. It seems Brownie really wants it, that's no time to freak out!

She breathed normally, smiling, she had gone really far the stone in her hand was reflecting her heart beat, filled with a new powerful energy like never before, the dragon blood drops had been absorbed by her hand and by the stone. The stone was linked to her, it would protect her and she knew that she needed great protection for the next step of tonight’s ritual.
She opened her book of shadow. It was only halfway filled, she hadn’t write all here rituals and spells in it yet, she was still perfecting some. She opened to the page of something she called the recall potion. She hadn’t found anything much about it. It seemed to have disappeared long ago and the list of ingredient had only been partial until recently. When she had visited her past life one more time and seen herself confectioning it.
She had tried to do it many time and had always failed, there was always some missing ingredients, and the half finished version had made her so sick at time that she didn’t really want to try one of those anymore, she might have died. But tonight, as she looked at the list of ingredients she knew that she finally had everything she wanted.
She took the bottle of half finished potion and poured some of the dark thick liquid in a glass. She had bought a special glass for her ritual, it was made of glass fragment of different blue and green colors very transparent in places, in some other very opaque, attached together by some sort of concrete. It was very beautiful and that was the reason why she had wanted it so much. She wasn’t spending huge amount of money to do Magick but she was buying herself equipment slowly, as she needed some or as she accidentally found something she felt attracted to. When she had first seen this glass, she had almost immediately felt that it was hers. The mixture didn’t feel so good, she started to mix it with her spoon. The different components had a tendency to separate from each other which was probably what had been causing interference when she had drunk it before. She mixed it until it become smooth, it wasn’t as viscous anymore. She started more dragon blood incense, she wanted to go somewhere far, somewhere to see the past, present and future, somewhere where she had been already long time ago somewhere that was removing all fears. She lighted the purple candle, preparing herself for divination. She knew that place wasn’t a place for prediction but purple would help her to travel her unconscious space more easily. She took some herb powder that she had found in the Magick shop in the demon world and measured the carefully, she added them in a particular order measuring all her movement and preparing herself with the right intension, ever plant was to carry some particular meaning for the potion and that meaning was empowered by her intension. She mixed the potion carefully after every addition, making sure that it was homogenous. The smell was starting to be more and more agreeable. The early added lavender was catching up with the rest. She felt herself getting happier and happier as the smell changed as if some part of her knew that she was finally close to the expected result. She breathed in the vapor going out of the liquid, it was almost ready. She added the final ingredient, three drop of dragon blood. More would have probably carried her to far from herself. She mixed it contentiously again.
“This is my will, so mote it be.” She said out loud ending several months of work. I seemed familiar, everything she really desired with Magick she had to work hard for and fail many times.

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