Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 36

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. We continue with last week's spell. Brownie is deep in it.

She never left anything to hazard, every gesture and every words were measured and calculated, she knew what she was doing now, it hadn’t always been the case but now she knew.
“I take the Goddess to witness that a circle has been cast under the watch of the guardians of the four elements. I enter this circle, in perfect love and perfect trust”, she said extending her hand to the sky like to receive a higher benediction and higher energy from the Universe and she entered the circle from the East and sat in the middle in front of her altar facing North.
The first thing to do was to recharge her stone with energy. It was the easy part.
She first enlightened the incense and waited for it to burn well and for the smoke to flow straight and high. She then passed the stone in the smoke concentrating on the power of air to purify it. The light smell of coconut mixed to the stronger smell of dragon blood were giving a kind of calming and exciting smell to the room as if the circle wasn’t really part of the world but something place outside. The dragon blood was getting to your head quickly making it easy to concentrate and carrying you to excited places of you unconscious, linked to higher levels of spirituality. The coconut was grounding you to this world making sure that you weren’t going anywhere unsafe and protecting your path in your subconscious mind from deviation. The meditation wasn’t yet intense so Brownie was still able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.
She lighted the black candle and then the white candle calling for protection and purification. She passed the stone in their flames, meditating on the power of fire. It was the easiest part, she was mostly using candle Magick so everything with candle had become smooth and easy.
When she was still a beginner witch, she had almost put the house on fire many times scaring herself with Fire. Fire was a very difficult element to control, it was very easy to burn the wrong thing at the wrong time, to put your stone too deep in it, to have the candle leaking at the wrong place and messing everything up. But she liked candle, she liked the atmosphere they were giving to the room and that was one of the reason she was carrying so many.

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