Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The Hunger Games

My boyfriend forced me to see The Hunger Games. I wanted to read the book first, damn I even have all of them on my kindle already, but I didn't get around to read them yet. I'm reading "A court of thorns and roses" at the moment, I'm almost done with it. But my boyfriend wanted to watch the movie and it's kind of rare so I indulged him and here we go I broke the vow of reading the book first again. He doesn't want to see the next movies yet so maybe I have a chance to read the books first, fingers crossed.

The story: The world is divided into 12 districts under the rules of the capitols, every year a young couple between 12 and 18 years old, of each district participate to a really TV show called the Hunger Games where they have to fight each other to death. Primerose is called to be the participant for district 12 but her sister Katniss volunteers to go instead of her. The game begins with advertisement to get sponsors, then the 12 couples are sent to an isolated forest ground where they fight each others and the elements for survival.

My feelings: This is a "light" sort of battle royal. Of course there are violence and death because that's what the movie is about but it's not put in a way that makes the audience very emotional about it. We don't have time to get attached to the characters before they die. There isn't much interaction between the characters on the island either. We stay with Katniss at all time so we don't see a lot about the other people supposed to die there. The part when they are looking for sponsor is well done even though we don't actually see the sponsors themselves. The big question I had through all the movie was when is Peter going to die and how? I guess I'll have to continue thinking about it a bit longer.


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