Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Taster 62: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
 Sorry this one is a little bit longer than usual because I really wanted to finish this part on the space ship.

People fell on the floor. I take that as a good sign. I feel less pressed against the bike too. I pressed the button I had touched first and I can feel myself lifted a bit. So that's what it was. I thought. Good that it wasn't something deadly. I want to get away from here, I have orders to yell because I'm the captain but I need to sit here and watch the star getting smaller until we are out of danger. Finn seen to relax a bit, he looks at me and smiles and I want to return the smile but there is a part of me feeling a bit icky about it. Why couldn't he do it? Why is there two bikes if we don't need each other? That too is a question that will need answering. The alarm finally stop. I take a deep breath and relax. The star is small. I will need someone to fix up our trajectory.
"Lieutenant Finn."
"Yes captain!" Finn said sitting straight on his bike as if he was following the protocol.
"Can you fix me the trajectory and get this ship back on course," I said.
"Certainly not captain," Lieutenant Finn said and somehow, it amuses me. "Then go get me someone who can," I said.
Finn slowly stand up from the bike, he looks exhausted and I can't hid that I'm exhausted too. He walked around to me.
"Captain, the only one able to do that are asleep on the floor," he whispers to me.
The way he looks at me, it seems that he can see something is wrong, that I'm not Michelle, it's like he can see that I'm Frederique and I have to say that somehow, I kind of like it.
"Then that will have to wait," I said. "And you better get using to driving this thing for next time."
"Next time?" He says alarmed.
I wink at him and get down of my bike too and they start applauding and suddenly I'm not pissed at Tucker for not taking people away from here.
"What do you think you just did?" He asked.
"My job," I answered gritting my teeth.
"Someone take the girls to the infirmary and I want this analyzed," I said looking for the bread but it's gone from Klara's hand.
A little wrinkle twitch in the side of Tucker eyes and I feel stupid for not taking care of that earlier. If I had seen it it was obvious that someone else was going to see it too. I turned around the bikes on the other side to see if Debby has something too but there is no food to be seen.
"These girls are to be placed under arrest," Tucker said.
"Not under my watch," I said. "We need them for the mission."
"I'll input the parameters to get back home," Tucker said, "You don't even respect protocole."
If protocole is that efficient, why didn't you get something done earlier," I said. "Emergency issues, emergency reaction. You're dismissed." I turned around.
"And someone take the girls to the infirmary, how many times do I have a reapeat orders to have them followed," I said.
They finally started moving.
"You can't dismiss me," Tucker said.
"I'm the captain on board until I know different," I said "and I have other things to do than to follow your protocol and listen to your pointless argument."
That was the last thing I said to Tucker when I opened my eyes, Jonas was taking the books from the top of me.
"Are you ok?" he asked.
I looked around, he was alone, once again, he didn't ask for help. A part of me kinda liked that and the other part of me worried a bit about what his reaction would be if someone was really in danger.

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  1. I wonder what will happen to Michelle. Hopefully Frederique doesn't make things too difficult for her to untangle.

  2. As far as Tucker, he needs to quit questioning her. She is his superior, and he seems to be defiant.