Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 33

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Let's finish up with Yue and we'll change characters next week.

“We cannot suffer this any longer, God cries his lost children who looked like him, let’s become his equal to make him happy.” And so he spake and so they heard. And all as one they moved toward the garden and ate the fruit of life and all as one they moved toward the garden and ate the fruit of knowledge and the angels seeing this woke up God in his sleep. And the angel seeng this prepared for the worse, and the angel seeing this rejoiced for having God all for themselves again without those pitiful Earthy creature. And God became angry at them for their disobedience and cursed them before they power awake, for that their children would be born mortal and that they would have to watch them die and for that their life would not be without end but they will die in suffering and be reborn in a different shape. And they were drive out of Heaven in the world God had given to the human and he sat back on this throne above heaven after punishing them, lamenting himself about his children who were now lost.
And the new God went down to Earth already filled with the human. And they enjoyed their new powers and they enjoy playing and torturing their long lost enemy, for one day in heaven was many years on Earth and the human had forgotten gods and spoke in different tongues. And the animals reproduce and saw their children and grand children die until they were old enough to die themselves and when they died their death was painful and cruel and they were reborn in different shape and in different place in the never ending cycle of their never ending life.”
The demon closed the book with a smile of satisfaction on his face. He had accomplished his duty. He had read to them the entire “lost Genesis” now because of him they would understand, he walked away with the book, expecting his reward.
“Who cares?” one of the demon cried again. Some of them had been shouting all the way.
Yue was deeply thinking, this part of the story had never been told to him before, it was true that myths about the animals creation were many but this one also included the ancient god and why they had been taking animals shapes in the human records.
The demon turned around with his book still in hand, he was burning with race at those people ignorance. There were the one supposed to be Gods, they were the primal one who had eaten from both trees and all they could do was to shout at each other and fight like animals not even appreciating what he had just taught them putting his life in the line like his predecessor had done. He turned back to take his place in the background. Yue was looking at him amused. They were demons, no matter how educated they would become, they would still obey their primitive instinct, and the one in the crowd more than any others after all, they had been born animal initially, despite their powers they were still animals at heart.
They were shouting once more, and fight started to start here and there. It was going to become a mess really soon unless someone was to do something. Yue looked at the three demons still sitting on their thrones wondering which one was going to intervene but they didn’t seem to care at all. They all stood up and walked to a door hidden on the side of the cave by the demons in dark robes. They left. It was that simple, they left to let them fight without dirtying their hands and Yue would have bet that they would come again after the fight to collect the winners and get rid of the dead. The demons in black robes followed them and locked the wooden door behind them. Yue looked around evaluating the situation. Two locked doors and demons probably waiting for them behind with he didn’t know what kind of powers. The three had already demonstrated great one. And no other issues, the only thing to do was to fight to death like the roman gladiators had done in the arena until Spartacus decided to revolt together. But there was no way to have all of them hear cooperate, they were demons after all. Yue ditch a ball of fire rushing towards him and jumped in the battle. There was no way for him to die just yet. He had something that needed to be taken care of.

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