Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Transcendence

This week's move is another science-fiction movie about artificial intelligence.

The story: Five years prior, a group of terrorist called R.I.F.T. killed many scientists specialized in artificial intelligence and destroyed about ten years of research. They also shot Dr. Will Caster with a poison bullet. He only has 5 weeks left to live. His wife decides to download his consciousness and to recreate him as an artificial intelligence. When she is about to give up, Will comes in control of the computer. Despite the fact that her friend warns her that it might not be the real Will, she decides to follow her instinct and believe in the A.I.

My feelings: People are really insane. I think one of the main quote of the movie is: “It just doesn't make sense. They're afraid of technology, because
of its threat to humanity...yet they don't flinch at taking a life. So obviously they're not big on logic. But there's no shortage of irony.” 
Because basically that summarize it all. Will stay alive as an A.I. which unlimited access to internet and all the knowledge of the world. He decides to use it for good but the only thing his friends and the government manages to see is that he wants power. They place their own believe and way of thinking with their individually limited information above and intelligence created from one single human being with a definite sense of right or wrong (he wouldn't kill anyone) and the infinite information of the entire human race. 
The thing is, even if there was really a golden bullet to save the planet, eradicate poverty, disease, hunger, make all the river water drinkable, we wouldn't take it. Because people are afraid of what they don't know and also because most of the world wants to make profit. The critic said that his movie lack in logic, not really, it certainly show people's destroy button right in their face.


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