Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Taster 57: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
Jonas is annoyed because he can't go to university with his sister... hahaha... kids are cute.

"But I can't go to university, they only take older people," Jonas answered.
"But you can plan on what you want to learn and go to your father's library," Sabine answered. "I'm sure he has something you can read."
"Books are not that bad," I said.
I had always loved books, but I could understand Jonas' reservation, if was frustrating to be directed to a book when asking someone a direct answer, especially when the person had read the book and so was possibly able to answer the question in the first place. I felt like a waste of time.
"Then we go get the book and you read it and you explain," Jonas said. "I can't read fast enough, then I need to read many time to understand something and there are many words I don't know in dad's books. Last time I try it talked about spinash in your brain and I had no idea, I though it was funny."
"You mean synapse," Sabine corrected.
"Yes but if you had a vegetable, in your brain that would work the same, with the roots everywhere so sypnase could really be spinash."
"Sy-nap-se," Sabine corrected again.
I wondered why my father let Jonas read books about the brain, when I was seven years old, I had no clue, I was still at coloring books and fairy tales. If I had known back then what a synapse was I wondered what I would know today.
"It's like six nap," Jonas said giggling.
"Now you are being silly," Sabine answered taking his empty bowl of hot chocolate and cleaning the table.
Spinash, synapse, six nap, Jonas images were turning in my head.
"Are you done?" Sabine asked.
I drunk my last drop of tea.
"Yes," I said smiling and she made my bowl disappear.
"No let's go to get dad's book then you can teach me how to time travel," Jonas said jumping from his chair.
My father's office was probably the only place I hadn't visited since I moved in. It was not really what I had expected. It was literally filled with books. Towers of books, pyramids of books, no wonder he had no problem getting me the books we talked about by text message. They were just a drop in his ocean. Let me explain. The door couldn't be fully open because there was a shelve behind it. There were shelve glued to every single wall, ever under the window. There were shelves in the middle of the room, up to the ceiling and there were books on the floor so that the bookshelves couldn't even be reached. You had to move books around to look at them. "I don't really think we should be here," I said to Jonas when he took my hand to enter the room.
"Why not, it's the best place to play hide and seek," he said.
"Maybe but we are not playing," I said walking cautiously not to make a tower fall on me.
The books seemed to be in no particular order, not classified by topics or author or anything, they were all lost, belonging to a classification which belonged to my father only. I had no doubt he knew where was every single one of them.

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  1. Sometimes I think there are SixNaps between my ideas. LOL fun piece.

  2. I really want to go in to that room and take a look at those books! And maybe put them in some kind of order...!