Sunday, July 5, 2015

WeWriWar 110: Rainbow Catcher

Welcome to a new excerpt of Rainbow Catcher for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

For most of this week, I have been working on Rainbow catcher. It feels good. I hope it will continue for a bit.
Then Demon and Fairy is also available for free for reviewers through Shut Up & Read. You can have a look at it here if you want.
I'm doing camp NaNoWriMo and I'm already one day late... It's going to be hard catching up. My goal is 150k for this month. I'm trying to break my own record. 

Now let's go back to our story.
Summary of previous episodes: Clarissa is coughing and wanted to watch Everett Cooper on TV but Jason refused, she is due to get her rainbow the next day but she seems scared, to make her feel better Jason leave the TV on. Clarissa tried to explain about rainbows, she is a big fan of Everett Cooper but Jason is not too sure about it. Clarissa complained about her dialophone but Jason needs to go to work. Before completely leaving he is thinking about getting her her rainbow.
We start just where we left off last week.

Jason swallowed and walked to the center. An handimate was mechanically cleaning glasses with a dirty towel. His glimmering eyes stared at Jason, but he didn't interrupt himself, his metallic hands clicking with every moves. Jason thought better than to talk to the robot, there could be recording devices on it for all he knew. He took a seat on a high stool on the side of the counter and waited, looking at the red light at the back of the room. A man, Jason didn't see approaching, placed a drink in front of him, something he didn't ask for, but he played along, pretending to be a customer to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. Jason made the liquid turn in the glass, looking at the yellow reflection in it, without really thinking about it. The red light went off. 

Answer to last week's comments: 

I'm glad you all noticed how desperate Jason is. And yes, if it was to go well, the story would be a short one. Jason is going to have a lot to go through to get the rainbow.

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  1. Interesting pla e he's come to, good descriptive details!

  2. Red lights usually mean danger. Makes me curious.

  3. Who of who is in the back room. I'm curious. :)

    In this sentence, I believe 'sit' should be 'seat'. :)
    He took a 'sit' on a high stool on the side of the counter and waited, looking at the red light at the back of the room.

  4. Uh oh... Things are about to get very interesting! What does the red light mean? That someone is done converging in the black market back room and he know has a turn to bargain? That's my guess. I get the feeling that red light is going to have a lot of symbolism to come.