Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 28

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. I think Davon is a good guy, seriously. At least for a demon but Yue is a bit too much in his own head.

“You might need this”, he heard a voice said behind him.
Davon was standing in the dark corner, presenting him pills in his hand. Yue moved to grab them but Davon took them away quickly. Yue looked at him amazed, Davon knew better than to toy with him.
“I’ll give them to you”, Davon said as if he had been reading his mind.
Yue was almost ready to jump on him, those pills were the most precious thing for him, without them he wasn’t him anymore.
“I’ll even give you the formula see”, Davon added taking a piece of paper out of his pocket with what seemed to be a list of ingredient written on it.
He now had Yue’s entire attention.
“People are going to die today, I might die, they won’t provide you with this anymore once they have all their gods, they won’t need you anymore. You need to find the witch and to take her away from them, work for yourself only”, Davon looked around making sure that nobody was listening. He handed the pack of pills to Yue and the recipe.
“The witch can help you fix your memory but don’t trust anyone”, Davon said.
“I want her dead, her and… and…” Yue was making an effort to remember but that was something blurry in his mind, something he might not ever have known something he shouldn’t talk about.
“I know you want your revenge for what she did to you but you also have important things you need from her”, Davon said.
“It’s my business, why do you care?” Yue said.
“You’re right, I don’t”, Davon said walking away.
He had been with Yue all along, Yue was one of the first demon he had discovered. He had been giving him the pills and making sure everything was alright. If he couldn’t get out of this room really fast, he knew that he was going to die. He wanted Yue to help him, he wanted to go out as fast as possible and to disappear, maybe to leave the demon world forever to run away from the hunter to run away from this irremediable fate they were creating for this world but that was lost. Animating emotion of faithfulness and belonging within a demon was a worthless attempt. Yue was never going to help him and to cry for him, even being a Nephilim wasn’t making him better than the others in the room, as he had said himself “don’t trust anyone” demons were not to be trusted, nobody in this room was to be trusted. He wasn’t useful for any of them anymore. He walked quickly toward the exit but the heavy wooden door closed before he could escape. Some demons near to him startled and looked at the door, clinching their fists, feeling trapped. He was trapped, they were all trapped, but he wasn’t one to be awaken today so he had to be in the pack of the dying one. He took a glimpse at Kael on the other side of the room, if the danger was to come from somewhere it would come from him first. He was yelling with another group of demons, they were shouting out, pushing each other in the darkness. Suddenly, the torches surrounding the room light out all simultaneously, surprising the demons, creating scary shadows all around the room, shading their faces hiding them with light. After few second to recover from the pain of the light in their eyes, they started to shout again. The fire of the torches seemed to be cracking more and more to try to cover the shouting. One of them grabbed a torches and throw it in the middle of the room hiding one demon on the shoulder, he extinguish the fire on his clothe and the torch with a ball of water and turned around ready to jump on his assailant.
“Silence” the deep voice of one of the three demons covered everyone else shout. It was vibrating in the air and powerful.
Yue realized how things actually were, the demons shouting the most were the weaker demons trying to brag to look strong, Kael was one of them he had already demonstrated it last night. Strong demons didn’t need to look restless and excited, they were more like Odeon, coldly calculating everything around him or like the three demons sitting on their thrones judging others abilities and quieting them in one word. The voice stopped resonating and the shouting started back. The demon sitting in the middle smirked grabbing a wooden stick near his thrones.

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