Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 27

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. This week, we are meeting with Yue.

They were three of them. Demons were somehow obsessed with the number three. They were sitting on huge chair at the end of the room. In fact once you were inside, you could see that there were more of them, a background of demons dressed in black robe with an upside down Christian cross on their chess written in blood. It was a nice view, it would have probably made just anyone sweat but Yue found them rater ridiculous. Somehow he could have gotten rid of all of them, too easily. He yawned, those guys were the one providing the pills after all, he could at least listen to what they had to say. The cave was cold and dark, but the demons eyes were used to see in darkness and to adapt really quickly to it. They were all entering the room slowly, looking around but there wasn’t much to see except for what stood in front of them. Some of the younger demons were scared, not advancing quickly enough toward the front of the room, being pushed around by the new comers. There were a lot of them, a lot more than Yue had expected. At first he had thought that his cave had been the only one but there was probably tenth of them, he roughly counted five hundred demons but more where coming in. They were walking by pack, as if alliances had already been formed in their respective hiding place. He wondered if there was a reason for it. He wondered if they had already been preselected according to who they were to become. He looked at his own group who were already scattered. Kamaril was standing alone, his shoulder against one of the pylon on the opposite side of the room. He was pushing around any demon coming his way. He still had the mark of his hand on his neck. Yue wondered why it had been staying so long, it should have disappeared long ago, except if Kamaril was harboring it as a trophy but in the case, he couldn’t think of a reason for that. He stared at him a little longer, long enough for Kamaril to feel the weight of his gaze on him. He stared back, there was something crazy about his gaze something mean, something scary and Yue was pleased by it, he smirked as if he understood something. Kamaril wasn’t all that stupid, he had a plan and the mark on his neck was a part of it. He wanted to seem weaker than he was. Yue could sense the god raising inside of Kamaril, as if the god inside of him was recognizing an equal someone with the same strength and purpose, just like he had done with the three brother last night. Kamaril was awakening and he was awakening fast. Or maybe he had always been awoken and had hidden it so far. The three brother were standing at the front, the little Lonan between Torsti and Odeon, they were facing the three demons on their thrones and the expression on their face showed that they wanted to be the ones sitting there. The envy and the will to fight, Torsti seemed ready to smash anyone who would come his way with the heavy hammer he had on his shoulder. He seemed to be a remarkable adversary. Odeon seemed peaceful but yue knew that he had already calculated the potential danger of everyone in the room. If he was looking in front of him, it meant that the main danger was there, it came from the guys sitting on the thrones. Lonan was restless, he was jumping turning around looking at everyone, pointing at them and laughing, asking if he could redecorate so often that Torsti had to make him stop by holding him firmly by the harm. The little demon seemed in pain from the grab of his brother he pouts until Torsti finally left him go. Yue couldn’t here there conversation, the room was becoming noisier and noisier, demons didn’t do good in a close space like that, especially so many of them, it was obvious that some of them were going to die. Maybe that was the point, maybe to awake the others they needed prey who weren’t gods at all but were here just to die, maybe they didn’t want all the gods and wanted them to start fighting with each other to eliminate the weaker one. That was a demon rule after all, if demons ever had rules, to kill the weaker, to obtain the better genes and only have the stronger reproduce and gain in power pretending that you weren’t scared of people overcoming you. Yue wonder what those three guys sitting comfortably on their thrones would do. People had come here for their own purpose, and being packed like cattle hadn’t changed the feeling, there was no guaranty at all that ones they were going to be nice about everything with their new acquired powers and just obey to the “benefactors” awaking them. It was too easy. Something was fishy about this organization. Something was fishy about the fact that god should all be reborn at the same time in the same place. Something was clearly wrong but no matter the malaise that was feeling him, Yue couldn’t manage to really pinpoint what was actually going on around him. He held his head feeling dizzy.

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