Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Taster 54: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
One thing is sure, the family life at Frederique's dad is a lot different than with her mum and Jonas seems to really enjoy her blacking out.

I went straight back to my room and picked up my diary to write down the black out and my impressions about Jonas teacher, I wasn't sure if it was relevant or not, it was maybe just that I disliked her but any adult I had ever met would rush to someone blacking out and see if they were all right. This woman just sat at her classroom window looking at us. And I recieved a handball ball in the face. I hoped my other self nose was broken for putting me in such a situation. Jonas was sitting in from of my digging his buttered baguette piece in a large ball of hot chocolate and splashing drops around while pressing the wet bread on his spoon.
"So, I want to know about the spaceship, what happened?" He said.
"Well I went one more time since this morning," I said.
"And did she kiss the guy?" Jonas asked.
"Is it really all you are interested in?" I said.
"By the way Jonas, Frederique almost killed herself in the stairs stepping on your toys," Sabine said taking a biscuit.
"Really?" Jonas said.
"Yeah, I bumped my head on the handle," I said. He didn't need to know I was blacking out at the same time and that it wasn't entirely his fault if that could made him clean.
"I'll take them away after tea time," he said with a full mouth.
"It's incredible what you would do for your sister when I asked you so many times already," Sabine said.
"It's because it's dangerous, if she falls she can get hurt," Jonas said.
"What if someone else fall?" Sabine asked.
"Mum, you don't go to a spaceship if you fall," Jonas answered.
"Well as long as you clean up, I don't really care your reasons," Sabine said with a smile. "I would like to hear about the spaceship too."
"Well the first time I went back, I was in the command room and I had a chat about the pilots."
"You are not the pilot," Jonas asked.
"No, I'm the captain, I give orders and there are two pilots, girls. They sit on something like motorbikes."
"That sounds fun," Jonas said.
"What did you talk about?" Sabine asked.
I didn't know if she was really interested or if she was just trying to have a conversation but in both case it was strange to talk about my black out adventure with an adult.
"We talked about my dad, in that world he had disappeared and that was the reason why I was captain instead of him. They somehow need something in my blood to drive the ship," I said.
"That's interesting," Sabine said.
"That's scary," Jonas answered, "Do they take your blood with a pump to fill the ship up like we do with cars?"
"I'm not sure yet but I don't think so, the ship is too big for me to fill it's tank up," I said.
"Maybe..." Jonas said thinking and deeping his bread more and more in the hot chocolate where fat bubbles had appeared.
"Then, lieutenant Finn came to pick me up for diner," I said.
Jonas seemed suddenly more interested.

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  1. I really feel for Frederique. She's trying so hard to be independent

  2. What a funny little boy, interested in the relationships. Just read to catch up, and I can't help but wonder what Jonas' teacher thinks of his new sister.

  3. I would too feel interested. Good piece. I'm looking forward to next week's segment of Parallel slip.

  4. I enjoyed their tea time. Especially how Jonas dips his bread in the hot chocolate, a very vivid description. I'm interested in their spaceship and them needing her blood. I'm wondering where this story may lead?