Monday, July 6, 2015

Pullip doll: Dal Icarus

Sorry for the little delayed in the post today. I forgot that I didn't have a schedule for Mondays this month. This means this post is a really fresh one as well. My new Dal steampunk Icarus arrived just yesterday afternoon. She is the 6th of the 8 steampunk dolls I want (not counting the Alice in Steampunk World series). I managed to find her for a reasonable price then waited a little and the price dropped by 4000 more yen, so I was really lucky on this one. 

As usual, it started with a box
 and a lot of paper.
 And in the box was another box
 Here is our little prisoner wondering where she arrived. Hello!
 Partially freed! She had a lot of stuff coming with her, a ear head band, wings, and a mouth piece attache on the belly.
Close up ! She has really beautiful eyes and very thin eyelashes that makes her eyes look like blue suns.
Her outfit is really well balanced, she has the same red and black strips on her sleeves and legs and it matches the red hair. 
 Here is she with all the equipment. You can see the mouth piece hanging from her belly  glass half ball. I will need to find a way to straighten her wings.
New portrait.
 From the side
 From the other side, she also has red nail polish.
 Portrait wearing the mouth piece.
 More complete picture. You can see the cat-like ears better on this one.
I will add better pictures of her later and more pictures of her with the group in  a special steampunk post. For the moment, she is my only doll out of her box as I'm still not finished unpacking from moving last week.

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