Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 25

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Did they just walk into hell? I would say so. The Demon World is not always like that, it can be friendly, sometimes just, a lot has been happening there lately and a lot more is about to happen.

“Are you coming?” she said not even pulling on his hand anymore as she used to. If he had said no, she might have just gone on her own.
“We will get back as soon as possible”, he said.
“Do you really think that I like to be here?” she answered letting go of his hand but he came closer and passed a protective hand around her shoulder.
“Let’s go”, he said.
The shop was in the middle of a dark street. It was the first time that they were coming here together. Brownie hadn’t been here much, since she had bought her stone, she had never been there, there was a nice shop in town that generally had everything she needed and it was also a scary place, there were always drunk demons shouting in the street at any hours of the day, fighting with each other. They were scary, they belonged to demons association which were engraving there name on their skin, they had horns meaning that they had killed many times, and it was dirty and filthy, probably a way to tell humans not to get in there, it was the doorway to the Demon World, the doorway to hell and death for anyone without a sure sense of what to do and how to behave. But this time it was different, people had gathered in front of the store’s door. Normally the door was barely noticeable if you didn’t know it was there. Sahel paused a second. It wasn’t normal, demons didn’t gather in places like curious teenage girls and the smell of blood was amplified.
“It smells like blood”, Brownie said.
Sahel could feel that she was scared now. The shop owner was on the door step.
“Get the hell away or I’ll kill you too”, she yelled throwing spells around.
The coat of one of the huge horned demon on the other side of the street started to glow with a strange light green light and he started to yell and roll himself on the floor like mad. He seemed to be in tremendous pain.
“Maybe we better go away”, Brownie said looking in the opposite direction ready to go back home.
“Just wait a moment”, Sahel said.
“Why?” Brownie asked in a reproachful ton. That was this part of him that she was having more and more trouble to handle as the time passed. I was dangerous and unnecessary dangerous to stay here, it was dangerous and unnecessary dangerous to have anything to do with the demon world. When was he finally going to get it? When someone died?
“Because that guy is not bleeding”, he said pointing at the demon still fighting with the green light surrounding him.
People had dispersed, some had just gone their own way, some others were laughing at the demon dying on the floor, betting on how long it was going to last. The shopkeeper was back inside her shop and had closed the door behind her.
“Let’s go”, Sahel said walking toward the door.
Brownie was feeling uneasy, there were more demons here than she had ever seen in one single place and the smell of blood was starting to make her feel dizzy.
“Let’s go home”, she said feebly but Sahel pushed her to the shop’s door.
“See it says open on the door”, he said smiling.
He opened the door and pushed her inside.
“What you want?” the women said, looking straight up at them with a defiant look.
“It says open on the door”, Sahel answered.
“Yeah”, she said going back to her task, she was cleaning the blood on the floor, Sahel looked at it, it was more than one demon worse of blood for sure, it was huge, as if the entire shop floor had been cover. She was busying herself trying to get the blood out with a dirty black broom and some kind of towel fixed at the end of it but she only managed to spread it more and more around.
“Just get what you need”, Sahel said in Brownie’s ear.
The woman looked up at him again.
“What happened here?” he asked.
“None of your business” she answered starting to clean again, after a moment she straighten herself up and looked at him again. Sahel hadn’t stopped staring at her with inquisitive eyes. She passed a hand on her forehead removing some hair from her face. She obviously wanted to talk, even though she knew it might not be safe. “Bloody hunters”, she said starting to clean again.
“I’m not… a hunter”, Sahel said.
“I could bet on that”, she said looking at him again, “you’re a Nephil, I can smell the like of yours hundreds of kilometers away, you got guts to come here today, you should be hiding underground praying for the next storm to pass without reaching you.”
Sahel wondered for a minute if she could really smell Nephilims but decided that it was just a metaphor for her to tell him she knew who he was, that was a sort of intimidation code for demons but he wasn’t quite used to it enough to be intimidated himself.
“I got what I needed” Brownie said.

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