Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 24

Hello and welcome to a new bit of Demon World unedited. This time Sahel and Brownie are going on a date... hum can you really call that a date if you are going to the Demon World? 

Sahel was holding Brownie’s hand going out of the house. She was smiling, she seemed happy and he hadn’t see that kind of smile in a long time. Or maybe he hadn’t been around enough to see that smile, he couldn’t even remember when the last time they had been somewhere together was. He was spending so much time in the demon world, sleeping when she was at school then leaving almost straight after we came back and coming back so late that sometimes she was just getting ready for school again. And he had been hanging out with Azazel and Seti, trying to make sure that they were not going to kill each other. Seti was always the one to go back, he was always in a hurry to see Kallisto and trying to speed the meetings, but Kallisto didn’t go to school so they still had plenty of time to see each other during the day. He wondered when he had changed and what had changed that he didn’t rush to see Brownie anymore. Of course she was being annoying and questioning very often but maybe that was partially his fault for not being around much, maybe she was feeling a bit lonely at time. He passed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer, he didn’t know what he would do if she was to disappear. Last time had shown him that she was almost gone already, but still within reach.
“I know it’s not the most romantic date we ever had but anyway, let’s have fun today, do you know everything you should get?” he asked.
“I only need dragon blood, actually,” she said.
“Oh really? And how do you use that, and is there still dragons around?” he asked.
He was feeling pitiful, trying to bring up a conversation that was so impersonal that he could have cried and at the same time safer than anything else. He really didn’t know what to do and how to talk to her anymore. He felt as if walking on eggs shell trying not to break them.
“Well, I will have to get some dried one which I can use as incense to help me concentrating my energy in only one spot instead of scattering it in the circle and liquid one to put the stone in it while charging it, it should increase the reception of my energy and guide it in the stone more easily. They don’t really kill dragon to get it, you know, it’s made of different kind of roots and plants. I could probably make some but it would take me a long time and I’m not sure how to get all the ingredients as the plants names can be so confusing sometimes. I might also get some other stuff, just in case…” she said. She wanted to say in case they still your soul again but she didn’t dare. It was such a nice day so far, she didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere.
“Can we look at the stones too? I know there might be nothing for my purpose but I really want to try something.” He said.
“Is something wrong with your powers?” she asked a bit worried.
He hated that worried look on her face, it was the worth thing ever, as if she was still considering him like a baby totally unable to take care of himself that she had to watch out for all the time.
“Nothing really, just in case”, he said looking away.
She laughed, he couldn’t believe it.
“I think we are both being really cautious lately”, she answered hugging him.
He wondered why she didn’t get mad at him this time but just hugged her back and relaxed a little. They reached the city center and turned into very narrow streets, streets that you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know exactly where to go.
“From now on, stay close to me”, he said looking very serious.
He smelled the air, a bit like a dog looking for something would have done. Demons’ senses were more developed than humans’, Sahel could see, ear, smell things that Brownie had no idea were there.
“It smells like blood”, he said.
“It always smells like blood in this world,” she answered.
“Maybe”, he said but he wasn’t convinced. Something had happened somewhere close, something bad involving a lot of blood, the place wasn’t safe. He hesitated but Brownie kept walking probably unaware of the danger.

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