Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: K-pax

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday cinema. This week we are going to talk about a science fiction movie: K-pax.

The story: Prot appeared out of nowhere. He is arrested by mistake and after claiming to be from the planet K-pax, he is send to a psychiatric institute. Dr. Powell believes he is hiding behind this delusion and is determined to break through his game and to discover who he really is. He introduce him to a team of Astrophysicist in order to disprove the fact that he is from another planet but it fails. At the same time, there is a contest in the psychiatric institute to determine who Prot will take with him to K-pax when he leaves. The time is coming close.

My feelings: This movie was really interesting because it shows the way people would react if we really had a visit from another planet in human form. The rule is to take the simplest explanation as the true one. The fact is Prot explains everything about his planet in a very easy way and the only reason why sane people don't believe him is because it's easier for them to think he is crazy. Even when he can show what his solar system looks like, people still chose to believe in what they know instead of really digging deeper. It is a lot easier for the "insane" to go and believe him, in fact they are all already crazy so, why not be also more opened to to possibility which is something we also find in "Veronika decides to die". I really enjoyed this movie.


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