Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The Frame

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. This week, we are also going to watch a science-fiction movie but one that runs more into the fiction part: Frame.

The story: Sam, a paramedic trying to same life is watching a TV series where Alex, a cargo thief leading a dangerous life is the hero every week. Then on the other side of the screen Alex is watching a series where Sam is the hero. One day, Alex and Sam interact with each other through the TV. At first, they believe they are spied on, that they are crazy and try to find any possible way to deny the truth rationally. Alex try to meet Sam but when he goes find her, she isn't there. At the same time Sam waits for Alex but he never shows up. Then, Sam discover that they are terminated Alex's series and that he is going to die in the last episode. She refuses to accept it and try to help him.

My feelings: This was a very good movie. I loved the concept to have two different apparently fictional worlds interacting with each other through their supportive media but not really be able to reach out until they decide to go very deep. There are a lot of idea treated in this movie like love, forgiveness, destiny and choices. It was not only a science-fiction movie with only machines, instead it was a science-fiction movie with none of the futuristic element we can generally imagine for that sort of movie. It deal with an impossible love story and the need for the characters to rewrite their own lifes when they decide the screen writers were not good enough. It was very interesting. 


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