Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Taster 47: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
This week, Frederique has some alone time to investigate time difference between her universe and the space ship universe and it's a little weird.

I turned around. I was alone in the room, it was a small cabin with a bed on the right and a desk on the left. It was still bigger than my room at my father's place. I recognized some of the stuff on the shelve to be mine or more exactly to be likely to belong to my other self in this world. I had never been left alone in a parallel universe before, I always went there to meet someone, to do something important, like to eavesdrop on a conversation that would help me later. Why was I alone in my own room? If it had been someone else room I would have think I was looking for something but in my own room. Maybe my other self in this world wanted me to know something about her, but in that case, that would mean that she knew I was coming. I turned around the cabin, walked to the door, opened it to have a look in the corridor, there was nobody to be seem. It seemed that the entire ship was quiet, maybe it was night time for me in this part. I wasn't wearing my uniform anymore, I was in something more comfortable but way too large and not my favorite color. I never wore green and there was a lot of green in this room. I guessed my other self didn't spend all her time in the command or with the girls or with lieutenant Fin. I had to do something here. If I managed to do the right thing, I would be able to go back check on my head, that is if I didn't break my neck by falling in the stairs. I looked at the collection of books. This version of me wasn't really reading for pleasure, she was obsessed with physics and aeronautic. Seeing her position as captain, that was understandable. I picked a book at random, looking that there was no title on the edge but only a picture of a nebula. It was astrophysics of course, from 3054.

Wow, I sad on the bed and opened the book as if it was a treasure. I made sure that I didn't dream the date of print and read it twice, it was really 3054. This universe was about 1040 years in the future of mine. I placed the book back on the shelve as if I had touch something soiling me. I was in the future. How did that happened? Time travel is impossible. I sat back on the bed. There was only two explanation. The first was that the time in this universe was a lot faster than in mine so that people appeared to be in the future and that would explain the advance technology as well. The second possibility was that they started to count time at an earlier event. I had already visited a Christian deprived universe before, no Jesus Christ record meant no 2014 and no Gregorian calender. I had to verified. I looked at the other books. They were all about that young as well. Not yet written in my universe if they were to ever be written. I didn't think I would have time to stay here and study them and it was really a shame because that would have meant a lot for my future. It meant that I could actually use a knowledge not yet discovered to fast up the knowledge in my universe it was a fascinating idea. But I would have to memorize everything as there was no way to bring back material from one universe to the other.

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