Monday, June 29, 2015

Pullip doll: Megurine Luka

Megurine Luka is one of the Vocaloid and as a pullip she tends to be pretty rare and rather expensive. I managed to find her for the normal price so I was very happy and didn't hesitate to order her. She arrived a few weeks ago. I like her pink her and her rather disco princess like outfit.

As usual, it all started with a box. 
 Then it was covered with newspapers.
 And here you go, the first pick at Megurine in her box.
 She already looks pretty hiding behind the plastic glass.
 Box opened. She comes with a doll stand, a card, headphones and a blue tuna fish.
 Free!! She has the same color of wig as Nella retro.
 The wig was a bit frizzy at first but it all turned out ok after a good combing.
 Arms crossed like on the official picture.
She has a nice outfit with a nice blue shinny gem that fit with her blue eyes.
 Now let's start dancing!
 It's a crazy dance party, youhou!
Group picture of my vocaloid. 
I have 4 and I want 4 more, I'm not sure when I'll manage to get the full group.
 Sakura Miku
 Hatsune Miku
 And of course Megurine

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