Monday, June 8, 2015

Pullip doll: Amarelis in the wood

I took Amarelis with me for a photo session. 
The first time I took her out, it ended up raining when it was time to take the pictures so I had to go home without taking any. That was a bit frustrating. The second time was the charm. The problem was that I had to replace her ear all the time because they kept on falling. They are alright now if I don't move her around but they have problem staying put if I need to take her somewhere. I need to find a better way to fix them permanently. 

Picture near the pond except that we can't see the water from this angle. 
 Somehow hidden in the flower bushes. It was very sunny and the light was reflected on her pale colors in ways I didn't expect.
 Sitting in the tree.
In the shadow near a tree trunk. I had to make sure my own shadow was not cast on her, that was a nice exercise.
 The clouds made the light and shadow move quite a bit.
 Taking some rest in the stairs.
 One more stair picture.
 Sitting on the wall.
 There is a slope behind the wall, the wood is on the mountain, that's why the trees in the background look so funny.
 Another fly of stairs.
 High up on the road.
We found some daisy. The thing is they were quite tall compare to Amarelis's size.
I think I need to take her to a different location that would suit her better. I have some good pictures but I wasn't as happy with this photo session as I usually am.

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