Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Guardians of the galaxy

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday cinema. As much as last week's movie was had a high artistic quality, this week's movie is more like the type you watch once without thinking too much but it has a talking raccoon, can't beat that.

The story: Peter Quill is abducted from Earth by space pirates: The Ravagers and becomes a thief himself. He steal an orb coveted by a lot of people and ends up being chased by bounty hunters, Rocket, an genetically engineered raccoon and Groot, the tree-like humanoid. He attempts to sell the orb to the Nova Empire but the orb is something powerful with a great power of destruction and he has to make a choice between fortune and doing the right thing.

My feelings: This was a sort of funny galactic super hero movie but there was a bit too much plot twist to make it believable. But of course having a talking raccoon did help a lot. For the rest, it had a lot of nice special effect. It's an entertaining movie but not one of my favorite. I certainly prefer the iron man type.


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