Monday, May 11, 2015

Pullip doll: Rovam, the pirate by the river

This is one photo session I wanted to do for ages. Actually I wanted one like that with the snow and Chill but the snow never really came this year, at least long enough or thick enough to get pictures. So I went for the spring version with Rovam instead.
You can see I'm a lot excited about this photo shots because I added a lot more pictures than usual to this post. 
Rovam is one of my rare doll and she is a bit tomboyish. My only doll wearing jeans. She is also a pirate and came with a pirate treasure which I didn't bring for the photo session.
I thought taking picture near the water could be a good idea but the sea is a bit far I mean it would be night by the time I get there after work so I needed something else. Fortunately I live near the river. The problem with this photo session though is that I forgot to keep in mind that the water level should be horizontal, so it's a bit weird looking for some background. 
 Rovam has a heart shaped eye patch, you gotta love it.
I put her in a lot of different location. It was a lot of fun. Seriously I need to stop procrastinating on the fun stuff and get that sort of things done already. More fun always awaits.
 Maybe this one is my favorite. That's the one I used for the 365 photo challenge on the day of the session.
 Sunset reflected on the water. So bright.
 Playing it cool.
Rock climbing. Actually I have only one shot with this position because it was difficult to keep her balanced on the rocks and she fell after the first picture.
 Looking at the haws flying above.
 Close up of the previous picture.
 Resting on the rocks.
 Some more pictures on a piece of wood that mysteriously arrived there.
 Might use it to make a pirate boat or a raft later.
 I has a bit of trouble to catch her gaze but on this pics, I think I nailed it.
 Some more pictures

 The river side is generally used for barbecue pick-nick with food cooked on the rocks. So there are a lot of rocks partially burned and rests of camp fire.

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