Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 17

Scary demons, scary demons, who is scared of the scary demons. Personally if I was to dream about the same guy every single night demon or not, I'll be scared, especially if the guy had already try to kill me outside the dream plane. I would be casting as many spell as I could but hey wait a minute, it seems Brownie is not alone today! 
“Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Magick shop in the demon world”, she said. “First of all, I need to restore my stone.”
She passed her pajama back on, it was still warm and a bit sweaty but she didn’t mind, she wasn’t completely dry from the shower anyway. She stopped at the mirror and looked at her face carefully and decided to put her crème on. She had been neglecting it for so long that it seemed really strange. She enjoyed the texture of it and the light smell of jasmine.
“I shouldn’t neglect myself for “higher purposes” anymore, higher purposes can wait, if I don’t feel good I’ll never reach them anyway, it has been going on for months.” She thought.
She walked out of the room and slide back under her blanket. Her bed also was still warm. She took the stone pendant which was lying on the side table. It was an aquamarine, she had bought it from the Magick shop in the Demon World, the first time she had been there alone without Yue. She didn’t know why but at that time it seemed that the stone had been calling her, as if she decidedly needed it. The clerk had said that there was nothing she could do with it and the other ingredients she had bought, but she had been sure of herself. Gideon had mounted it with gold, drawing thin demon wings around it so that she could wear it around her neck. She looked at it deeply. Before, it was giving her courage, it was shining and protecting her, it was a bound between her and Sahel. But now, it seemed to be broken, it was as if its energy was all gone, and that was making her sad. She was still wearing it every day but holding it, she couldn’t feel anything anymore, it seemed that its energy was empty. Of course she had tried to replenish it many times by the traditional ways but it hadn’t worked all that well. Maybe her energy wasn’t sufficient, maybe her visualization wasn’t strong enough. She wanted something special for it, she had been pushing the time to go there away but she would finally go tomorrow. She was scared, as much as she had been the first time. Yue had told her never to go there alone, because it was a very dangerous place but it was still close to the human world. The first and only time she had been there on her own was to save him even though it hadn’t worked out properly either, she had disguised herself with a cloak and she had put smelly fished everywhere, even though she doubted it was the only reason for her success at coming back alive. If it was for the fish only, she would probably have been killed. Demons in general hated fish, the smell of it was attached to too many traumatic memories they shared during their powers raising training. But tomorrow she wouldn’t take that much precaution, she had confidence now, and she knew an effective spell to keep people away for about three hours. She needed to go to the secret room, cast the spell and to be on her way, it wouldn’t take long to go there and get what she needed. She stopped turning the stone in her finger and held it tight on her chest.
“Are you ok?” Sahel said, his eyes were only half open, he was looking at her as if he wasn’t really looking at her.
“Yes”, she answered simply.
“You don’t look ok”, he continued. He didn’t have a preoccupied tone though, just a sleepy one.
“I just had a nightmare”, she answered.
“What was it about?” he asked. She knew he was forcing himself to be nice, it had been like that for a long time, when it wasn’t like that he would already have been hugging her, not because she had a nightmare, just because they had the chance to be simultaneously awoken.
“I need to be nice to myself, I need to be nice to myself and to stop protecting him because it’s not working anyway”, she repeated to herself.
“About demons, the one who took your soul before, he was in my dreams before taking it, he is in my dreams again.” She said.
In was the first time she was telling it to him this way. Before she hadn’t remembered quite well and she felt stupid of being so afraid by something that she couldn’t explain so she usually said that it was scary but that she was alright and just wanted to go back to sleep and he would definitely fall asleep within seconds while she was alone contemplating the ceiling. But this time he was definitely entirely awake. He jumped on the bed and hugged her.
“he won’t come back again, those demons are too scared now, they won’t do the same mistake again, you were extremely courageous and you won, twice, they gave up, demons are not all that brave and he is dead, remember, even if there was someone to come again, it would be one of his followers, it wouldn’t be him”, he said stroking her hair. “Maybe you’re right”, Brownie said, but she was still unconvinced. “She wasn’t sure what death meant anymore. She had seen so much, she had seen herself dying, she had seen it many time and felt it in many lives, she had seen Yue and Sahel being deprived of their soul and still stand, she knew vampires who were dead but still talking to you and moving and laughing as if they were alive, she didn’t know what death meant anymore. Was it possible that after dead you were just going somewhere else from where you could come back under certain conditions, what if that demon, the master, had managed to do it, to still be alive?
“It scares me, I can’t help it”, she added a bit defensively.
“I know, when I’m scared I can’t control it either”, Sahel said.
“Are you scared sometimes?” Brownie asked.
That was new. Sahel was never scared or at least he was never admitting it.
“You remember when I was little, I was scared all the time and once, when they said I had to sleep in a different room I made a big huge mess and hurt Dylan, you remember?” he answered.

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