Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 15

There is so much more to Demon World than just demons going crazy in an underground cave, but of course, you wouldn't really know that as I threw out directly somewhere in the middle of the book. So today, you're meeting the human with who this entire series started. 

Brownie stood up sweating in the middle of the night and grabbed the notebook on the side of the bed. She needed to write it down first, then she could take care of herself, the moon light would be enough to do so. She had had this dream notebook for ever, but she hadn’t written anything much in it. In general, she only remembered that the dreams were scary. 

First, there was the same demon who had taken Yue’s soul the first time, the one with the big horns, all I could see was his face, really, really close to mine. I could smell his breath and feel it on my face, I could see the fire burning in his eyes and the part of his skin the tattoo maker had missed. He was so ugly. 
“Give me the formula, give me the formula, give me the formula”. 
He was repeating again and again to give him the formula but I didn’t know what he was talking about. It lasted a long time, I was scared but I was getting so bored that I might have dosed of a little as well because when I opened my eyes, he was gone. 
I was in a cave, it could have been the one I went to the first time but something was telling me that it wasn’t, it was feeling different, a bit like wood, very wet wood as if I was deep in a forest after a heavy rain. I was chained again, I think demons really like to chain people to attach them, I have chained around my wrist only but I was held so low that I couldn’t get up, my legs were cold and my knees were painful. I thought at first that I was alone in the room, I couldn’t see much because it was very dark, my eyes couldn’t habituate to the lack of light to see too far, but I could hear some noises on my left side. It was as if someone was plaintively singing. I wondered if it was a trap from the demons so I tried to be as quiet as possible and to listen. I was breathing heavily, because of the cold, trying to hide my face in my sweater to warm my painful breathe so at time I couldn’t hear him. It seemed to be a boy’s voice. He was probably around my age. 
“Are you ok?” I finally said. 
He was sounding so sad that it was hard to listen to his song without crying. 
“Get out of my head!” he yelled so loud and high pitched that blood started to leak out of my ears, I must have fainted before waking up.

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