Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: The bling ring

Welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. Were we actually having an Emma Watson series lately? I think so. This one is a bit different though as it was inspired by a true story, I know what's pretty scary.

The story: A group of teenagers totally into clothes and fashion decides to stalk celebrities on internet to figure out when they were out of town. Then they sneaked into their home and rob whatever they wanted. It first started with one couple then more and more joined the trips. And they weren't afraid of bragging about it. 

My feelings: I several time asked myself if I should actually finished to watch this. The story even based on real fact seemed pretty unrealistic. I mean they could enter because the door was open in a celebrity house. The second point that put the movie down for me was the way it was filmed like a documentary at time, also with surveillance camera tapes. I know it was probably to make it more realistic as it's based on facts but I don't think it brought anything to the movie, at the contrary. It made it jumpy and more difficult to follow. 
Then the dialogues were also pretty bad. 
I'm not even going to talk about the almost nonexistent parents. Hello, who the hell was rising those kids. Give them some decent values to life or something!

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