Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday taster 39: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Bubble purple picture! Yeah! Purple is my favorite color so that's about it. 
Did you hate me last week? For having Tucker arriving out of nowhere in the corridor? I don't like the guy. I don't know about you but sometimes there are characters that just feels like normal people and I hate them. This guy is just so... 
Anyway, I better give you the story for this week. Oh yeah and remember last week when Fin called Frederique Michelle? Here you got the answer for that too.

My name was Michelle. That was not new and not the first time. My father had to fight to call me Frederique and in the farm universe I was Michelle too.
Fin straightened himself and placed both hands behind his back. It was the way Tucker walked too and I imitated them. I learned that imitating people in different universes always speed up your learning and give you bonus points.
"Good evening," I said. 
I didn't know Tucker's rank and I couldn't just call him by his name, that would have been rude.
This universe was making me so self conscious and the fact that everyone seemed to be uncomfortable around me wasn't helping either.
"I hoped to see you at diner, we discussed your unconventional direction of this ship," Tucker said.
"I'm sorry, I had some other matter to attend to," I answered.
For some reasons I had the feeling that my other self had been avoiding dinner to avoid Tucker.
"It is part of your duty to attend every event the conceal...."
"I'm extremely sorry, but I don't feel like talking about work while eating, it's bad for my digestion," I said.
By my side I could feel Fin tense as if he was trying really hard to repress a smile, we had to get out of here.
"I see you don't mind company. What can lieutenant Fin have to say that isn't work related?" Tucker asked.
He was being more inquisitive than he should have. He might be member of the conceal but I was the captain of the ship.
"He knows I tend to forget to eat when busy and some people on this ship care about the health of their captain," I said. "I wished more would have cared about my father too."
Tucker's face shifted slightly, his eyebrow rose and the side of his mouth had an involuntary startle as if he had been discovered doing something wrong. Once again I had touched straight where it made sense.
"Then, I will let you to your diner," Tucker answered.
He bow ever so slightly and turned around.
I was glad he went in the opposite direction instead of toward the command room, for some reasons I didn't want him anywhere close to the girls.
"You're playing a dangerous game, captain," lieutenant Fin whispered.
"And I don't yet have all the cards in hand," I answered.
We entered the room Tucker had just left. It was what I had called the cafeteria but it looked nothing like a cafeteria except for the food.

I opened my eyes in the dark. I blinked three times. I was back in my room, at my father's place. I recognized it because of the smell. It wasn't the smell of the hospital and it wasn't the smell of home, it was something different, something reminding me of my childhood when my father was still living with my mother and I. 

  Damn, I wanted to taste that food, this story is getting a bit frustrating with all the jumping to different places I want to be in the spaceship again. But don't worry. The spaceship is not going to be the only place with some action.

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  1. This story is getting more interesting. Love your taster

  2. You do bounce us around a lot. Michelle, eh? Does she prefer Fred?

  3. Enjoying the insight into this strange traveler's world! Can't wait to find out more.

  4. I am so looking forward to more between Michelle and Fin :)