Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday taster 37: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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 It's April and guess the big news. I'm participating to NaNo Camp and working of this Parallel Slip story for it. I might either finish it or at least get it to 100k words. Isn't it exciting? Since I haven't written as much as I wanted over the past few months, I'm really happy to have NaNo back to push me to it.
But let's go back to what I already have. Last week,  Frederique asked the girls "Why do I scare you?"

It wasn't really an easy question to answer to. I mean if my mother had asked me why I was scared of her and why I wanted to escape so much, it would be easy to repeat what I told her today that she never listened. But the deep feelings inside, I wasn't sure I could formulate them. Something about me trying to be myself and the negative psychological effect she had on me and that, I was sure she would deny.
"Debby, we can tell her," Klara said. "We went too far already, we voiced our concern about the conceal to her."
"I'm not sure," Debby looked straight in front of her.
"You father bought us," Klara answered. "We are not... standard humans, we were genetically modified for combat. We were raised to fight only. When he bought us, we were unable to speak, you can think we were like animals, raised to get down on the planets and join the army and clean up targets. We had no idea about anything all we knew was combat."
"But he took us on board his ship, hid us in his cabin and later when we were discovered, paid to keep us here and he taught us. To eat with a fork, to speak, to behave like human beings and not to just jump on people to kill them. It was a lot of work," Debby said still looking straight in front of her.
"But the thing is, people here never really trusted us, he kept us by his side and we somehow protected him. He taught us to drive the ship because we were more resistant than normal drivers as we need very little sleep," Klara said.
"Without your father, we would be dead, child soldiers never make it past twenty," Debby said. "That's why we want to protect you, because you are his daughter."
"But at the same time, you are a member of the conceal and they wanted you to be one of their pawns so..."
"We are scared of everyone," Klara said. "When your father rescue us, we became aware of what normal humans really are. We are scared of absolutely every one."
"You don't have to be afraid of me," I said. And that was true. I wasn't sure about my other self but if I was here, it was because somehow she needed me to deal with these girls in a way that she was unable to.
"You should go to sleep, we will take care of things here," Klara said.
"You servant is coming."
I didn't know how Debby knew that, but the young man I had left in charge earlier appeared on the right side. 
Could it be that she had heard him before I did? I had no idea what the genetic modification the Klara had been through did to them, except for the sleep.
"Captain," he said.
It was strange to have everyone calling me by a title I felt I didn't earn and I didn't even know my name in this world.
"Good evening lieutenant Fin," Debby said and she winged at me before I stood up.

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  1. Klara and Debby seem interesting characters, who owe a lot to the father. Great tasters

  2. I wonder how much time she will get to spend on this trip. Enough to answer more questions?

  3. I am afraid I am a bit confused, having been away for so long. But, I do like this story and peeling back the layers is fascinating.

  4. I'm in the same psoition as Muffy; I haven't been around lately to read what was happening before. But you have an interesting story going. I'd like to know more about the powers they have and their station in life. She and her mother definitely have obstacles to overcome.