Monday, April 27, 2015

Pullip doll: Outfit for Dal

Last Monday, I showed you my first Dal face up. Well after that it took me a while to give the little cutie some clothes. Maybe because one of my friend said that she looking like half fire half ice elemental which is not really what I had in mind for her so I confused myself trying to figure out something and got annoyed with it because it was taking me forever and she was still naked and cold near the unused sewing machine. When I had beaten up myself enough for not dressing her already I finally decided to do something. I tend to beat up myself quite a lot. I'm trying to stop though but I have so many project already started and not finished that looking at them makes me feel pretty sick at time. Anyway, so far so good because the doll finally has clothes. Though I'm not sure it totally suit her and I might do something else later, I think it's cute enough.

Here she is in her new dress. I wanted it to have some sort of wave to it so the red skirts does more down on the right and the black one goes more down on the left. And I added a different fabric at the hems. The problem is that the due to that extra boarder tissues, it was difficult to sew is as a circular thing so there are a bit of angles. 
I gave her a Gaspard little doggy to play with. It's attached around her neck so she can't lose it. I got it for free some times ago with a bottle of tea. They often do that in Japan, I have tones, they are normally cell phone ornament.
The top of the dress is made of two different fabrics and I stopped the fabric at the collar with very tight zigzag points. It wasn't the easiest part and I would need some more practice.
 Oh yes, she also has bows on her dress, just because I felt like it.
Now she is guarding the sewing supplies maybe waiting for something new. I'm not sure yet. I was thinking about giving her some wings.

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