Monday, April 20, 2015

Pullip doll: My first dal face up

Hello and welcome to a new doll post. This one is not a pullip post, it's a dal post. You remember last week when I introduced Zuora, we could see that she was not alone in the box. Well with her was a nude doll who had been customised too.
The thing is, I got her because she was pretty cheap, half cheaper than a MIO kit and I liked her eyes and hair, just I wasn't a fan of her face up which presented some flaws, including bad MSC spreading. I know my face up also have flaws but I'm happily accepting them better when I have spend hours working on a doll. So, I had to give her a new face.

Here is the original doll. I wanted at least to give a different color to her lips. Then there was the eyebrows which weren't really symmetrical and the eye shadow that looked a bit dirty. In short she needed a change.
The other thing to take care of was to remove the MSC which had leaked on the side of her face near her eye on this side. You can see that her head is in pretty bad shape where the previous wig had been.
The first part was to remove the existing face up. I sand her entire face under water. At some point it gave me white traces. You can see some of those near the eyes and on the chin.
 I had to do the make up several times. Just when I thought that I had finally mastered the MSC spreading, this doll taught me otherwise. I made a mess on the third spreading and had to do it all over again. She ended up with one side fire.
 And one side ice.
 I think that looks even better with her eyes on.
 She has a bit of purple and red in her eye brows too.
And here the traditional picture, before-after. I think she looks a bit happier now, what do you think?
I don't have an outfit for her yet. It will be my first time sewing for Dal. I'll hope I'll be ok. That also mean I'll introduce her fully clothed later again.

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