Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fig (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to a new fruity post for the A-to-Z April Challenge. Today is F day and it's about Fig which I consider to be a Christmas fruit.

My first contact with fig happened when I was a child.  We always had the Christmas party at my grand-mother's house. There was the lengthy dinner for the adults and something a bit shorter for the kids on a different table. Not shorter because they would feed us first and then take care of themselves but more like interrupted short. I remember that we could never watch any TV because the conversation was way too noisy. There was no really space to play so much because of the two tables and there was no time either because the play was as interrupted as the dinner. Then of course we would at some point finish eating and gather around one table and my grand-father would tell us story and make candles with orange skin and my grand-mother would bring the dry fruits including the fig.

The next contact was when someone decided to go and mix fig and foie gras, another Christmas food, years later. I never thought that it was a good idea to mix jam and foie gras but I have to say it works pretty well as a combination with fig jam. Though I always end up liking the fig jam a lot more than the foie gras.

Now I'm only eating figs in yogurt and it's still delicious and I can do that in all seasons.

Thanks for reading about my life, I hope you find it interesting and happy A-to-Z. Don't forget to eat your fruits today!


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1 comment:

  1. Figs lend a wonderful flavour and texture to anything they are mixed with. Great by themselves too. Liked your theme! :)