Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apple (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to the first day of the A-to-Z April challenge. This time around I will be talking about fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of times when my characters don't eat. I actually let them starve while they walk a lot. I guess that's because I tend to walk a lot when visit places and forget to eat lunch very often when I concentrate on something. Anyway, some of my characters have a strange relationship with food and Viorel (you might know him from the Vampire Friday blog hop) is obsessed with Apples. 

Here is Viorel's lesson on how to piss of people with fruits! He is held prisoner by a priest and a giant.

“Let us see what we have here,” the priest smiled evilly. That was the kind of smile that would have frozen your blood in your veins. Mine I found out to be a lot colder than human's so I was alright, but the girl with him was looking pretty frozen.
“Oh, so adorable, you caught a little one,” he added looking at me bringing his face so close to mine that I was able to smell his breath.
The girl seemed to want to hide as far away from the priest as possible, just as if she knew what was going to happen. She had slid in a corner her naked legs trembling behind her she was resting against the wall not daring to sit or to take her eyes away from him.
“Come here child, don’t be afraid,” the priest said with a caressing voice that was presaging nothing good, extending a hand in her direction.
The giant caught the girl and brought her close to me, pulling on the large shirt that was her only clothes to show me her neck.
“Now vampire, I want you to feed,” the priest said taking a step away as if he was afraid I might stain his robe with blood.
That was really unexpected. Apparently, he wanted me to drink this girl blood. That was pretty much the contrary of what I had been expected or maybe he just wanted to make sure that I was a real vampire before killing me or change me into a slave like the girl. The only thought that came to my mind seeing her scared face was, despite my own fear, to take it as a joke.
“And how am I supposed to do that? Do you have an apple?” I looked around, apple was my favorite human food now, probably because it at been the first before I had the bad idea to bite in a row onion thinking it was a fruit. For a while, apples had been the safer food I could eat and I got used to it.
Looking back at the girl I saw that the light in her dead eyes had come back a little. “There is no food in the room I added.”
I had a urge to leak my nonexistent fangs but I didn’t, I was repeating to myself like a litany: “The only way out is to show them that you are not a vampire, the only way is to show them that you are not vampire, be human, be human.”
The priest looked at me half-smiling, half-enraged.
“I was trying to make it easy for you but it you prefer to suffer first, that will amuse me more anyway,” the priest said.
He made a gesture to the giant who let go of the girl and went to take a case he had left near the door. The poor girl just ran to hide in the darkest corner, looking at me from behind her hands. The priest opened the case, took a bottle out of it and opened it.
“You know what that is, obviously,” he said.
I wasn’t sure I thought I smelled that before a long time ago the image of a little chapel in the wood came to my mind. He moved the bottle under my nose. I started to hear a laugh in my memory. The smell wasn’t really strong but it seemed to bring back a nice memory to my mind. It was just starting to clear up when he took the bottle away breaking the magic.
I looked at him realizing that it was not really the time to worry about the memory, if the priest had it in his hand that had to be some kind of poison to drive me crazy or some acid maybe, but he didn’t let me guess too long, I was failing at it anyway.
“This is Holly Water”, he said. “You know what it means.”
I kind of knew what it meant and it scared me, vampires are allergic to Holly Water, especially to the Holly part of it, it burns their skin so deep that despite the healing abilities it can lead to permanent damage to the nerves behind the skin. I moved on my chair a little as he brought the bottle close to me again. He was smiling at me as he dropped a bit on my left hand.

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  1. I had to laugh at the thought of your characters not eating. I rarely think about whether fictional characters are doing normal human things. But I totally relate to forgetting to eat when absorbed in a project or touring a new place.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  2. Interesting tale. Not eating and going to the bathroom. Two things we don't think characters do in stories, which of course makes me wonder...Interesting that holy water scares vampires. I wonder if it also scares zombies.