Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 11

So, last week everything felt back to normal after Davon won the fight. It's already pretty though to be a demon and to live in the Demon World but imagine being packed in a cave, without what you need, having no privacy or time alone while some other demons are able to have a room on their own. Sound unfair, right? I'm sure this it going to turn really really bad in the end. Anyway, let's go back to Demon World unedited. You haven't met Kamaril yet, he has some history with Yue in a part of the draft that I skipped. If you want to read did, check the all draft section on the right or wait until I'm ready to publish the book.

It didn’t took long for everyone to come back to the common room. They had even waken Kamaril up, he still had the mark of Yue’s hand burned on his neck and a light fever resulting front it was visible from the sweat leaking on his wet temples. Torsti threw a look at Odeon who nodded, meaning: "That’s interesting."
“Your room, is over there,” Davon said pointing at the door from which they all appeared. “Don’t be late for breakfast if you don’t want to spend the day starving.”
He walked toward the exit slowly. He really wanted to run out but he didn’t want anyone to know how he felt, it was something they could use against him. He stopped at the entrance to face them.
“I advise you to take a good rest tonight, tomorrow the serious thing will get started.” 
He turned around and left before they could question him.
Tomorrow was their first reunion with the Hunters. They had finally found all of them, all of them had joined the cause. Of course, it was at best for their own personal interest but it was enough for the Hunters. They had all of them, all of them minus three, the three who kept on escaping them again and again, and were in contact with the witch. The Hunters wanted them all. Davon thought it was pure folly to try to get the three remaining pieces and to face the witch. They had lost to her, twice, and what had happened to Yue was the result of it. 
They had lost the second and his possible counter part, they hadn’t prepared well enough for his awakening, they had felt it to incompetent people, they had left the religious nature of the prophecy declaring his coming back distract their judgment. They had the chance to raise him to be what they wanted but they had treated him as the Nephil traitor his family was and of course when the Nephil had come for him, he didn’t have any other thought but to run away with them. They said they had locked his powers but Davon had seen his arm changed into wood, he knew the meaning of the inscription on it, he knew that it could be removed, if they were to meet each other, the two demons born on forbidden year of the Asmodai calendar, they would become invincible. 
And for the third one, they had let him escape early and nobody new who he was, just that he existed. 
Davon was walking fast now, making the distance between him and the cave increase as much as he could, he was almost running. He was so scared that he would have quit if he could. He knew what would happen, even once the Hunters had won supremacy, he wouldn’t be safe, nobody would ever be safe anymore.

Lonan jumped on the bed.
“Why don’t we have hammock,” he said.
“That’s the question I was going to ask,” Torsti answered. “It’s as if that place was built by humans.”
“It was built by humans,” Odeon answered.

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