Friday, March 27, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 10

It's this time of the week again! Close the curtains and be prepared to enter darkness! 
Have you been bitten yet? Your chances are increasing as it seems that this week there will be more people participating in the blog hop so don't forget to go find the list of participants in our facebook group Vampire Friday blog hop. Yes, I will add you to it if you click the join button. No, there is no need to know how to solve the Schrödinger equation. 

Anyway, let's started with Viorel where we left of last week. 

When I woke up it was day again. It was amazing how day time made me feel. It seemed that I was discovering the color for the first time. I didn’t give much attention to the scenery the day before but the trees and everything seemed different than the picture I had in my mind even though I wasn’t too sure about how much I could trust myself. I was happy I lived through the night but I also knew that I couldn’t waste time and that I needed to move forward if I wanted to live through the next one as well.
When I went out of the cave, I found a little package hiding behind the rocks. It was a bit heavy and fresh from the air of the night. I started to smell it. That was a really curious habit and the smell didn’t tell me much. It’s smelled like ink and lavender. I supposed that it hadn’t been here for too long. I opened it. It contained clothes, money and a letter from my father. The written seemed familiar to me even though I couldn’t know for sure. It read as follow: 


I regret to be so weak. I could never protect your mum and I could never left the clan. You have that chance, run for your life. I’ll try to hold them in the wrong direction as much as I can. That’s all my abilities and weaknesses can allow me to do. 
I don’t know how you survived the sunlight unwounded. I don’t know anything at all except that if you did, that was for a reason and because of that you should aim for higher purposes. 
If you want answer you need knowledge, that will give you the power I never had. Go to the source of all knowledge, go to the alchemist, go to Paris. 
No matter how hard it has been on you, you need to know I’d always love you. 

Vasilica Traian Ustrel

I read it twice not understanding many parts of it. But, I knew one thing: My father was risking his life to protect me and I would have to honor the effort by staying alive. I decided to follow his advice even though I didn’t know how safe it would be to have one of them knowing the place toward which I was heading. I was going to go to the source of all knowledge, my father and I seemed to be thinking a lot alike.
I went down to the river to wash all the traces of blood on my skin and all the dust I had used to dissimulate my smell. As I bent over the water I saw an unfamiliar face staring back at me. At first I couldn’t realized, I wondered who was the creature in the water. The image was fading with the small wave created by the wind at the surface. It was the first time I ever saw a water creature looking so human. I only saw fishes in the river or frogs that I liked to catch, but when I put my hand on my face I realized that I was seeing my own reflection. I stayed there a long minute, staring at the image of myself. I didn’t remember ever wondering about what I looked like, even though I didn’t remember much about myself, I was still debating inside of me to figure out if Viorel or Dylan was by any chances my name. But I was sure about one thing, it was the first time that I was seeing myself and the scary part of it was that I looked like the vampires. I had red eyes still a bit lighter than theirs probably due to the lack of blood, I had black hair falling in front of my eyes and on my neck. I couldn’t help thinking that I was looking great, that thought made me shake and I couldn’t help thinking that someone had told me that before but who? What it my mother or was it someone else?

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