Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Ghost Writer

Welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. This week will be the last of the Writer Movies series and we are going to talk about a thriller with a Ghost Writer as the main character. The Ghost Writer is generally the guy that stays in the darkness even when the book he wrote is a best seller saying that he doesn't have his name on it so I found it interesting to have this person in the spotlight for a change. 

The story: A famous ghost writer, who introduces himself as the ghost, accepts to write the memoir of the ex British prime minister after the previous ghost writer is found dead drown on the beach. The task is simple: read the manuscript of the previous ghost write (600 pages of boring) talk with the prime minister about what he wanted his life to be like, of course he won't tell you the truth about his life because he has things to hide that you can't put in the book, and write the damn thing, get done with it in a month and grab a lot of money out of it. Except that because everyone is lying, the ghost goes into his own investigation while the prime minister is accused to be a war criminal. 

My feelings: I didn't like his movie that much, I only liked Ewan McGregor's acting (a lot better than in Starwars). There were too many strange things in this movie to make it believable to me. First, the first ghost writer is dead, wouldn't you feel a little bit weird about taking the place of a dead guy, I mean, if he dies from a heartache ok, but his death was a really weird one, he drowned while he was on a ferry, how creepy is that! Then there is the all top secret stuff going on, the ghost writer can't take the manuscript home for a bedtime story because it's all super confidential, hum ok but isn't that book going to be published? I mean really that didn't sound pretty plausible to me. So yes, it wasn't really the best thriller of all time.


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