Monday, March 2, 2015

Pullip Doll: Elf fairy princess Amarelis

Hello today you are going to see the result of my last MIO doll making (if you haven't yet.) Feeling excited? This time, I worked with a lot of blue and didn't even underlined the eyes in black as I usually do. I also tried a tattoo her cheek. Let me know what you think about the all thing.

Here is her face all in blue, drying for the last time. Some people confused her for an Ice fairy and believed that the redness of her cheeks as due to the cold and so that I forgot to redden her nose as well, but it's just a normal blushing so no red nose for the princess.
It was a bit difficult to find the right color for the blushing and I had to try three time because I always found it too dark. I still think it's a little bit too dark still, as she has very pale skin.
Here is a better view of the tatto. I used a lighter pencil near the eye and a darker on near the shin to have a color transition. Maybe I should have added some color in between for a better effect. I had to erased everything once because I had been a bit shaky.
Ear coloring. The ears where fun to work with, but I think I'll have to sand them a lot more next time. The colors revealed a lot of little irregularity that I didn't see before. I made the bottom redder and transitioned to blue at the tip.
I think it looks totally gross on this picture because it's wet with MSC and all shiny out of it. It looks like some gory inside from movies. (Or maybe I have too much imagination.)
And here is the face once dry and I had to bend the right ear a little because it has a tendency to fall back. The ear when drying stayed attached to the head so I don't have to worry about them falling off, which is kind of nice.
I also gave her blue eyes.
Her ears are completely hidden by her head if she turns it.

Here is the cutie!  Come back next week to see her all dressed up and with hair!

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